WaterBlade Pressure Washing

This one is on my top 10 list. John’s wife Jenneffer at WaterBlade Pressure Washing contacted us with some questions about getting found on the web. We set up a meeting with them and discovered they had a cookie cutter website with no SEO Optimization. After piecing it all together we began putting his site together, and at each phase we got more excited. The end result was a visually appealing designed that really showcased what WaterBlade Pressure Washing is all about.

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One of the really nice features of the our websites that we build is the user interface. We give the end user full access to their site to manipulate it as they see fit. All of our sites come with 1 hour of training, which is more than enough to set you in the right direction. Our drag and drop software that’s pre-installed on your site allows you to easily change pictures, text, links and anything within the site…just not to the structure.

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We currently are performing SEO practices with John and are poised to take his business to the next level.

If you need a cleaning service, give John a call. He is a true professional and dedicated to his business. He won’t let you down.

“For about 3 years MKT Metal Mfg has had the good fortune to be associated with Tandem Marketing & Design. They have demonstrated how professional marketing should be executed. They have engaged with our company, our personnel, our clients, our products, services and of the industry we serve. In a nutshell, they became a student of MKT, absorbing everything they could. Tandem was able to use that gathered information effectively to promote MKT products and services. Their knowledge of today’s marketing trends and digital formats keep them on the top of their game. They were able to take our old website and redefine it into today’s relevant content.”
     -Ken Brown, President/CEO, MKT Metal Manufacturing

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