Swope and Sipe, Attorney’s at Law

Alexis Sipe, a partner at Swope and Sipe, Attorney’s at Law, is on the fore-front of her business, which includes her brand and identity.  She has reshaped their business structure to include a revised logo, signage and a new website.  Their family owned and operated law office has over 40 years experience specializing in helping families with all of their legal needs. From generation to generation, they can help.


We pride ourselves at Tandem Marketing & Design as being a diversified marketing agency. So far you’ve read about inbound marketing, outbound marketing, SEO, etc. Did we mention we’ve also had some pretty good luck shooting TV commercials?

Yes it’s true, our focus is Website Design, SEO and Marketing. However, we will tackle any task that has to do with marketing. We want you and your business to succeed, and be on the forefront of your industry.




Power Through Advertising

Through the power of TV advertising, local businesses can tell their story, be positioned as local, trusted company, and showcase what separates them from the competition.  Commercials help build brands.

“Tandem has helped us achieve a number of our communication and marketing goals, including the creation of our website. This work has ensured our organization can clearly demonstrate it’s progressive, dynamic and evolving approach, yet celebrate our long history and traditions. Most importantly, it provides us with a recognizable and professional image to our community.”

Alexis Sipe, SwopeandSipe.com

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Website Design

We design it. You own it. Our websites place 100% control in your hands. We’re here to help.


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. We can help.


What comes first, the chicken or the egg? You might think the same about sales and marketing.

Content Creation

You don’t want to sound stupid, do you? We can help that too.

Graphic Design

If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Social Marketing

Make social media your sales funnel that converts into paying customers.