MKT Metal Manufacturing

Ken, President/CEO of MKT Metal Manufacturing took MKT’s marketing from almost nothing to a full-fledged marketing machine with our help.  We worked directly with Ken starting with the re-branding of MKT’s new logo, a 10-year anniversary logo, a full-functioning website equipped with forms, blogs and resources for the mechanical contracting industry.  We created and produced all of their product sell sheets, helped plan and create an Open House when they moved into their new building, sent out countless eblast through Constant Contact and started a social marketing plan for them.  We continue to work closely with them and it’s really exciting to see them thrive digitally through in-bound marketing.

10 Year Re-Branding

Tandem Marketing completed a design to re-brand MKT Metal Manufacturing. The project included:

  • a re-take on a new logo
  • a 10-year anniversary stamp that they used all through 2014
  • and a new “Made In the USA ” label they are currently using throughout the shop.

This new image has been stamped, placed, and branded throughout their entire marketing collateral, including videos, social media and printed items.



The Whole Kit and Caboodle

MKT has a whole list of marketing materials to equip their salesman: whether it’s a product sheet, a case study or white paper you can find them online and on paper.

“For about 3 years MKT Metal Mfg has had the good fortune to be associated with Tandem Marketing & Design. They have demonstrated how professional marketing should be executed. They have engaged with our company, our personnel, our clients, our products, services and of the industry we serve. In a nutshell, they became a student of MKT, absorbing everything they could. Tandem was able to use that gathered information effectively to promote MKT products and services. Their knowledge of today’s marketing trends and digital formats keep them on the top of their game. They were able to take our old website and redefine it into today’s relevant content.”
     -Ken Brown, President/CEO, MKT Metal Manufacturing

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