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Husband, Dad, Coach, Web Creator, Sales & Marketing Strategist

As I look back over the last 15 years I have to wonder, how in the heck did that happen?  It seems like yesterday I got my start in the financial industry as a sales associate at Mellon Bank. I can still remember the interview, stumbling over words, unsure of myself and just an overall lack of confidence. There I sat, in front of an obvious professional named Ken, thinking why in the heck would he hire me?  Well thank god that guy named Ken saw something I didn’t know myself at the time;  he saw my natural ability for sales.  What I didn’t know then, but learned over my career, sales is nothing more than having an open conversation with someone, discovering what their needs are, and realizing what I can do to help them.  Simple, right?

After my tenure at Mellon, my career evolved into the mortgage business. I accepted a position at Conseco as a Mortgage Originator. There, I learned the delicate task of picking up the phone, and as we said “smiling and dialing”. It wasn’t exactly my dream job but it did provide me with top of the industry sales training. Over the next few years I really began hitting my stride as a sales professional. I quickly climbed the ranks and before I knew it I was one of the top originators, I had become the guy others came to for help and training. I grew my knowledge from someone that wasn’t sure what a mortgage was, to a highly trained mortgage professional. I dedicated myself to being the best I could be. This dedication has followed me through all my positions. I was brought up to believe that, if you’re going to do something, do it right.  I can actually still hear my father saying that to me, it’s a little haunting if I’m being honest.

After Conseco I joined the ranks of my fellow colleagues and entered the world of brokering.  I was now able to fulfill the needs of just about everyone I came into contact with.  I was a one stop shop for all your mortgage needs.  Again, I grew my business, gaining a full knowledge of all facets of the lending industry. It wasn’t long after I was offered a job as an account executive of an actual lender, finally my dream job. Things couldn’t be better.  As an account executive I had sales training that only the best of the best received; I went to sales and leadership conferences, received  life coaching advice, and was able to capitalize my marketing strategies into direct sales.   My main focus as an Account Executive was to cover my territory (most of central Pa), offer my products, and provide professional support to my brokers, allowing them to obtain financing for their customers in the sub-prime market. I was trained relentlessly on how to keep my clients happy.  It was my job to retain and grow my territory.

 In 2008 I experienced the mortgage tragedy. Every sub-prime lender closed up shop within a few months from the start of the downfall. Our young family was facing a rough road.  My wife and I made the decision to downsize our home. The reason I mention this here is because I believe our past, and our experiences, both good and bad, make us who we are today.  It was this devastating life experience that gives me my humble, honest and hardworking drive.  From that time I realized what needed to be done. The only real way to control my destiny was to join forces with my beautiful wife who had already established a successful business of her own.   Stephanie has an extensive background and education in design and advertising.   I have an extensive background in sales, client relationship and marketing strategies.  We feel the two are a perfect fit.

The character we gained from our life’s experiences serves as a benefit to our clients.   We pride ourselves with our personal touch.  Stephanie and I are committed to doing what’s best for our clients and driving your business to the next level.  This allows us to deliver the marketing solutions your business needs to be in the forefront of your industry.


Wife, Mommy & Creative Entrepreneur

I look back at my college days and realize I am just as passionate about my field then as I am today.

I graduated from La Roche College in my early 20’s and landed a job at Beard Printing as a graphic designer.  I was a sponge; learning everything I could about printing and doing my job of bringing images to life.   As I look back, I can appreciate that my first job out of college with Beard was a great stepping stone to becoming a creative entrepreneur.  I was there a little shy of 5 years.  As a 27 year old, I juggled countless design projects at a time, managed a team of designers and interacted with sales reps, pressmen and worked on marketing strategies with the owner.

My husband’s sales career had started to really take flight and I had the perfect opportunity to work from home as a graphic designer and start a family with my high school sweetheart, Jeff.  With a leap of faith, I did.  Technology was growing leaps and bounds so it was pretty easy to have clients and vendors all over the country and still deliver solid, marketing solutions to them.  From designing logos and corporate identity packages and developing marketing plans for small companies to being an art director for a four-magazine franchise, I knew this was the path for me.  I was able to discover their needs, strategize their campaigns and implement the design processes with valued content and images.  What I value most about learning all facets of any business is the ability to find my strengths and weaknesses.  I know that my strength is in the details.  I’m able to take small snippets of information and create an award winning piece.  I love taking that single element and staging it through all marketing aspects and seeing the big picture.  And that is my passion.

I am truly fortunate that I landed the perfect partner—when I fell ill with thyroid cancer in my early-thirties, it is Jeff who nursed me back to health.  With a 5 year old son that just started kindergarten and a one year old that was quickly gaining access to the whole house with her little legs, Jeff and I came together with love and support and reevaluated our outlook on life.  It seemed we were hitting one struggle after another and we were the only ones that could pull ourselves out.

We’ve always been partners: of support, love and friendship so it was natural that we combined our marketing and design experiences and developed Tandem Marketing & Design.  We have a solid foundation that separates us from the rest.  We rely on our partnership, not only through raising our children, but also in our business.   We are passionate at what we do, and we want to work with people that are just as passionate about what they do.

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