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Branding by Productizing

4 Steps to Productizing Your Services Productizing a service is the new marketing trend. Productizing is defined as taking a service or product and developing a brand, or, mission for that product. Explain it, write about it, image the hell out of it, and let the...

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Getting Started With Email Marketing

New things are sometimes overwhelming. When trying to incorporate a new strategy into your business the task itself becomes daunting and a little out of your comfort zone.  We completely understand.  Here are 10 key pointers to help grow your business through Constant...

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The Importance of a Website

 The importance of a website   I just spent an hour on the phone with a long-time client and friend, Ken Brown, President and CEO of MKT Metal Manufacturing in York Pa, explaining the importance of a website and how it has changed since we...

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Slow Death of the Phone Book

Slow Death of the Phone Book Just a few decades ago, if you needed to find a local business, you’d probably open up the phone book. These days, you’re almost certain to turn to an online search. There are two major consequences of our...

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Together We Conquer

Together We Conquer Customer service is an integral part of any business relationship.  We know that, and we do everything in our power to provide our client’s with high-level customer satisfaction.  Working together we conquer. It goes...

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